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We are a community-based farming operation in Mississippi on family land. The fifth and sixth generation land stewards are producing fruit, nuts, herbs, vegetables, lamb, chickens and rabbits.

We specialize in educating farmers and gardeners around the world about "natural living through traditional farming" 

Focus areas:  Hunger and access to non-chemical based food, traditional agriculture, farm to preschool, family health, community and backyard gardens, small producers




We offer vegetables, fruit, herbs, and nuts on the farm. We would love to talk to you about the benefits and share our harvest. 

Beneficial Insects


Number of insect species that perform valued services like pollination and pest control. Contact us to learn more!

Gulf Coast Native Sheep


Primarily raised for meat. Active and hardy animals, alert, well adapted to the hot and humid climatic conditions of the Southeast.

Home of GCN rare colors

Brandon, MS 39047

Tel: 601-955-0339

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Traditional Agriculture at its Best


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